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We rely on strong partnerships.


Google Cloud Platform Switzerland

As official partners of Google Cloud Platform Switzerland, we support our customers in designing, migrating or creating solutions and, thanks to our certification in the fields «Professional Cloud Architect» and «Professional Cloud Network Engineer» we are well acquainted with the Google Cloud ecosystem.


swiss made software

As a member of the "swiss hosting" label (for our managed services and data center products in our data centers in Switzerland), we guarantee our customers that the data in Switzerland is located in a Swiss data center.

The «swiss made software» label stands for Swiss values in software development. Launched in 2007, the label now has more than 650 members, which mark their products with «swiss made software». «swiss hosting» was launched additionally in 2020  to indicate that data required to operate a product or service is also stored in Switzerland.



In cooperation with the "myclimate" foundation, we offer all our products as a climate-neutral solution and fully offset our CO2 emissions. In the interests of a sustainable energy industry, we act climate-neutrally and thus support myclimate's various climate protection projects.

Our data centers guarantee the secure implementation of your website. However, the server systems cause considerable CO2 emissions. Nine counteracts this environmental impact by supporting climate protection projects in Switzerland in cooperation with the "myclimate" foundation. In this way, we fully offset our CO2 emissions and act climate-neutrally in the interests of a sustainable energy economy.

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