Case Study Unifits - from Google to NKE


«I would like to thank the whole Nine team. Their support during the migration was excellent. Thanks to their flexibility, we were able to complete the PROD deployment in a very short time.»

Tomasz Banaszewski Senior Software Engineer Unifits

Nine was involved in the project with consulting and implementation services and support. According to the customer, all necessary tasks were implemented promptly and competently. The changeover from a classic server architecture to NKE went smoothly and now enables Unifits to operate securely with greatly reduced maintenance costs.

The Challenge

Unifits has been operating a self-developed application on physical and virtual servers managed by Nine for a well-known Swiss bank for several years. However, as the operating system used was slowly approaching its EOL date, the servers needed to be replaced or modernized. Unifits also saw potential for optimization in the area of software provision and delivery as well as in the maintenance of required software packages such as Java. The bank demanded that the highest security criteria be met and that the data must not leave Switzerland. Traditional cloud providers such as Google, AWS or Azure were therefore out of question.

The Solution

A few kick-off calls regarding requirements, consulting appointments with Nine experts and regular alignments quickly led to the selection of Nine Managed Kubernetes Engine (NKE). Nine's expertise and flexibility enabled Unifits to quickly implement a proof of concept, set up a test system and finally migrate the production environment to the new platform. The introduction of database client certificates as part of the project also increased the desired data security.

The Results 

The new NKE platform enables Unifits to operate the application more flexibly and to scale it easily as required. In addition, the GitOps approach means that configuration changes can be tracked completely transparently and still be carried out with far less effort, which reduces the workload and saves costs. Installing new versions is easier, as the deployment of custom programs is now fully automated. In addition, Unifits can now check the status of the application more quickly and easily and view any anonymized logs. By eliminating the need for cyclical operating system changes in the area of physical and virtual servers, the resulting testing and migration effort is no longer required, which leads to further savings. 




Unifits is a software and consulting company that offers unique IT solutions for the automation of transaction checks in the financial industry. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Salzburg, Austria, with offices in Germany and Canada. Today, Unifits is an established market leader in the field of transaction verification. The employees are both software specialists and consultants in the financial services industry – always with an international background. This unique blend of experience and innovation enables Unifits to continue working towards its goal of making financial transaction processes and payment testing as simple as possible.

Industry: Software & Internet

An effective and constructive collaboration that made a safe, stable and cost-effective solution possible.


    Switzerland (primary project location)


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