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For your highly available and scalable platform, the Managed Amazon Cloud combines the best of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with management by

The experts at make the most of your Managed AWS setup – and are always available for you.


Would you like to use the AWS infrastructure and are you looking for a competent consulting partner in Switzerland?


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We offer AWS architecture consulting – with advice, support and the migration of your application and workloads to the cloud. It is the perfect setup, where we take care of the complete management of your AWS instances.

Take advantage of the infinite scalability offered by AWS and leave the maintenance and monitoring up to our experts.


Do you expect varying levels of traffic on your website and would you like to be in a position to respond to it at any time?

Thanks to AWS and the expertise of in building scalable setups, your instances are easily scaled according to your requirements – without the slightest restriction.

Would you like to pay only for what you actually use?

Due to the overview of your resources utilisation, we can immediately customise your setup with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With AWS and, you will only pay for what you actually use.

Do you need your website to be available at all times?

The AWS availability zones and the 24/7 availability of the experts protect your platform against failures.


Would you like your hosting solution to provide you with secure and comprehensive services?

We’re here for you with expertise, constant availability and the best customer service. We are at your side from the start with tips and advice.

We know how to best operate your Managed AWS platform, because...

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...we are a qualified APN Standard Consulting Partner



...and we have AWS Certified Solution Architects  on our team.

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High Availability

AWS instances and services can be operated in multiple availability zones and regions worldwide. ensures availability at all times and responds immediately in an emergency.


You can rely on our experts to setup scalable systems using the huge AWS infrastructure to provide infinite scaling when you need it.



We use Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor your instances and provide us with an overview of the utilisation of your resources and applications, thereby allowing us to offer you sound advice for setup improvements.

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We consider your wishes and do our best to meet your requirements in terms of utility, price and instance types – for your perfect setup. We’re here for you from A to Z, providing support and advice throughout our collaboration.


Together with AWS, we monitor your instances 24/7 and receive immediate alerts in the event of irregularities. We also monitor your website or application optionally. For more security.


Together, we achieve your goals and custom configure your AWS instances to your requirements; therefore, we create your own environment in an automated and traceable manner.


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