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Cloud computing is becoming more and more mainstream, and AWS plays an important role in this. However, due to the wide range of products and services on offer and the infinite scaling possibilities of Amazon Web Services, managing all this requires time and expertise.
We want to select, configure and efficiently manage the right combination of cloud services for you.


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With our advice, support and the migration of your application and workloads into the cloud, you'll get the perfect setup. We assume complete responsibility for management of your AWS instances.

Choosing the Right Cloud Option


This is the first challenge that companies face.

They need to determine how they can properly implement cloud services and integrate them into ongoing operations.

They must also monitor the performance of the service and ensure that no service interruptions occur.



What AWS Doesn’t Offer



  • AWS does not provide the management of instances. Customers are supplied with information and tutorials, but are essentially on their own.

  • If problems occur during operation, AWS does not remedy them on its own initiative, but rather only when informed by the customer that something is amiss.


  • AWS does not automatically report problems. This increases the risk that in a worst-case scenario, the customer system will be unavailable.
  • AWS does not make any recommendations for large numbers of different instances. A functional set-up can be created only after time-consuming testing.

Selecting the Right Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers cloud management as a service, with providing and managing various automation tools for AWS.


As a certified APN Standard Consulting Partner, we also actively maintain a relationship with the AWS ecosystem and can scale the required resources according to the customer setup and needs.

When Should You Use a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

In asking this question, we have your total cost of ownership in mind. With a Managed Service Provider, you do not need your own IT staff to handle the AWS infrastructure. Instead, you rely on the expertise and experience of a capable partner.


Reasons for Outsourcing

You do not want to hire your own IT staff with responsibility for the cloud.

You want to ensure that your infrastructure is permanently available in the cloud.


You would like to be in the cloud but are unsure about planning and implementation.


You want the best setup, with AWS tools that fit your needs.

You only want to pay for the resources you actually use.  

How Can Support You

Our goal is to assure you with the optimal architecture for your setup in the cloud, advise you on possible modifications, pay close attention to cost and design the interchange of your instances according to our best practice approach.

Already a customer with AWS? Even better! We will carry out a review of your existing AWS setup as part of our consulting and give you suggestions for optimization, for example how to achieve increased security by testing a selection of different components.

In short - whether you have realize your AWS setup or will continue to take care of your instances by yourself - we are here for you to get peace of mind on your architecture setup!

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We are an qualified APN Standard Consulting Partner



...and do have AWS Certified Solution Architects in our team.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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