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Your website, online shop or SaaS solution – highly available, scalable and highly-performant

If you find yourself in the fortunate position of requiring more than one server to cope with traffic, or if “website not available” would result in serious damage to your business, then the Managed Cluster is the perfect solution for you. 

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Load Balancer

Efficient load balancing thanks to the redundant load balancer. Your traffic will be distributed across the web servers by the upstream load balancer.

Web Servers

Stay flexible! Launch unlimited web servers and scale them up or down, depending on the size of your load.



For system stability with a Managed Failover or a MongoDB Cluster, or to improve performance with a Master-Slave Configuration – our experts will develop the right backend for you.

We don’t just offer you any cluster, but instead your own personal cluster.

Every customer has their own different requirements and expectations; this is why we’re happy to advise you! Working together with you, we’ll develop a custom-made solution that perfectly fulfils your needs. If you’d like additional support during deployment, we’re happy to help you with the necessary consulting.

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High availability

The high availability of the Multi-Site-Cluster is guaranteed through an operation that is independent of location – so that everything can function without interruption.

Webseite monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7, ensuring your availability through defined procedures.


We offer comprehensive server management with 24/7 monitoring. We thereby check your servers regularly, install current updates and patches and analyse the log files to detect possible irregularities promptly.

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The server systems are monitored 24/7 to detect and resolve problems early on, and thus prevent system interruptions.


We’re here for you! Personal support via telephone and email, in German and English, thanks to our team of over 20 technicians.

ISO 27001 is ISO 27001 certified. With the option Cert+ we are running your server in an ISO 27001 certified datacentre, using the guidelines of FINMA Circular 08/7 "Outsourcing Banks".


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