Content: Managed Cluster

Focus on the service you provide and leave server management to our experts

The scalable, high-availability platform with guaranteed failure safety

High availability

The high availability of the platform is achieved through redundant server systems.


We are happy to advise you personally and design a system to suit your needs.



By allowing to manage your server systems, you can focus on your services.


The server systems are monitored 24/7 to detect and resolve problems early on, and thus prevent system interruptions.


Includes support from our team of more than 20 technicians.



We perform a daily back-up of your data and guarantee secure and uncomplicated recovery.

Managed Cluster: Sample Configurations

Our tailor-made Managed Clusters are built according to your very specific requirements and offer high-availability through redundancy as well as easy scalability.


The configurations listed above are examples and can easily be adapted to your requirements. Managed Clusters are already available from CHF 1148.00 per month, respectively CHF 2518.00 per month including a Failover. We would be happy to design a system tailored specifically to your needs.


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