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Even the best developer sometimes make a mistake, server disks may fail or other incidents happen

With our Backupspace we offer a simple yet scalable solution that puts your mind at ease

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Due to its open interface, the backupspace can be implemented in a very easy way and allows incremental and full backups. If you need a backup you can either restore single files or the entire backup. Check out our FAQ's to get a description how to do a backup.


The backup data is securely stored in our datacentre Letzigraben in Zurich, Switzerland. The data may be encrypted (encrypted and signed using GnuPG).

Highly available

Thanks to a 3x replication, your backup is stored simultaneously on three different servers. Additionally, the backup infrastructure is located in a different datacentre as our Root Servers.

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Our dark fiber ring with multiple gigabit connects the productive systems with the backup location. This allows a very fast transfer of your data.


The backupspace can be used flexibly for your various servers at - additional space can be ordered easily.

S3 compatible interface

You can choose your backup-client thanks to our S3 compatible interface (with radosgw). By default, we recommend duplicity.



  per 100 GB per 500 GB per 1 TB (1000 GB)

Monthly costs

15.- 60.- 115.-

Prices in CHF, not including VAT.




Do you have any questions or would you like to order?

See our FAQ for how to do a backup.

+41 44 637 40 00 info@nine.chOrder

Suitable Products


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Root VServer


The virtual server with complete root access provides much flexibility and scalability as possible with a dedicated IP address.

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Root Server


The physical server with complete root access and and maximum performance gives customers the possibility to administrate their own server management.

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The Swiss Cloudserver with unbeatable speed, a transparent pricing and a super-fast setup via the Cockpit.

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