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What if, could fully concentrate on your core business?


Dedicate yourself to developing your products
instead of managing and monitoring your infrastructure!

Expand the exchange with your customers
rather than your operational responsibilities!

Increase your revenue through business transactions
rather than your total cost of ownership!

We can save you time!


With a solution based on your needs, we make sure you can focus 100% on your core business.

How can you achieve this?


Learn where and how to best and safely deploy your website or your application in order to reduce manual workloads, maximise quality, increase deployment velocity and bring new application releases faster to the market.


Get your custom solution in the AWS cloud , on a dedicated infrastructure or in the hybrid cloud – set up, managed and monitored 24/7 by Scale up easily, efficiently and on demand.



Run your preferred CMS hosting or your favourite e-commerce solution .



Take advantage of our flexible cloud infrastructure in Switzerland.



Or outsource your entire infrastructure to one of our Swiss data centres.

And this is how it’s done


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Consulting / Advice

Based on your needs, we support you with our Cloud Transformation Service, which means we design a setup for you and bring you on a redundant, auto scaling and secure platform in a private or a public cloud like AWS. We use DevOps methodologies and support you in incorporating this approach in your development cycle in order to enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

Platform independent

We use the platform that best suits you and your needs. For example in the AWS cloud, with a Swiss location for legal requirements, or as a hybrid cloud solution that combines AWS and a dedicated setup with a Swiss location.


Management and Optimisation

We take over the management of your platform – regardless of whether it is virtual or dedicated. In addition to maintenance and, for example, the installation of updates, we monitor and manage your instances. As the first Swiss Standard Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we support you continuously with optimisations to reduce your costs.

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Application and Website Monitoring

We make sure you are always up and running. In addition to general server monitoring, we ensure that your website is available 24/7 and functioning properly. If a fault occurs, we are immediately informed and intervene in accordance with a defined plan of action.

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24/7 Support

In case you have any question or problems, you are provided with support directly from our specialists in Switzerland. This means you benefit from a local contact who can assist you without having to go through first-level support or wait on hold. We make quick and easy support a reality!

May we advise you? Contact us!

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