22/03/2017 - Managed AWS News

nine Team Mar 21, 2017

What is new about AWS and what is interesting for Swiss customers?

#First Edge Location in Switzerland

Amazon launched its first Edge location in Switzerland. The new location in Zurich is one of 73 locations worldwide and offers Swiss customers a faster delivery of their static content, which will be cached in Switzerland.

Furthermore, the different price structure is really interesting. With a new setup, the traffic costs between the Edge and the customer can be cost-neutral to cheaper, depending on region and setup.

The original message from AWS can be found here.

#Flexible Scaling of the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instancess

Since March 1st, 2017, EC2 Reserved Instances can be scaled up and down without a limit in an instance group and in an availability zone.

Reserved Instances are always set and will be settled in advance for a certain period of time. If an adjustment of the instances is made during this (already paid) runtime, only the higher instance’s share will be charged for an upgrade and a credit note will be generated if the system is downgraded.

The original message from AWS can be found here.

#T2.small Instances for Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is now also available for small instances. This allows the development, test and production environment to be installed in the same configuration, which is not only technically exciting, but also offers price advantages.

Until now, the database solution Amazon Aurora was available only for large instances. Thus, the different environments were not available in the same version and test results could not be transferred 1:1 to production environments.

The original message from AWS can be found here.