What Does ... an IT Service Desk Supporter Do at Nine?

Elena Büchner Mar 28, 2024
What Does ... an IT Service Desk Supporter Do at Nine?

No company can run efficiently without customer support. This is no different at Nine: every day, we receive numerous exciting inquiries that are answered by our Customer Service Desk or prepared for clarification by our engineering team. Some of the inquiries are very time-critical and technically extremely demanding, but we always want to offer our customers the best possible service – and solution.

Read our interview with Sophie Kwass, one of our IT Service Desk Supporters, to find out how she masters her complex day-to-day work at Nine while expanding her technical skills on a daily basis.

Elena: Hello Sophie, thank you for taking a moment!
Sophie: I was forced to take part by HR. (smiles) 😆

Dear Sophie, how long have you been working for Nine and why did you choose us as your employer?
I joined Nine in February 2023, so a bit more than a year ago. I had previously worked in support for a web hosting company and therefore knew what motivated me: high-quality support for technically exciting products. It's also important to me to be able to get involved and develop myself further – that's practically in the team DNA in my current job. Nine was therefore a no-brainer and my employer of choice.

What do you prefer? Answering tickets in writing or helping customers over the phone?
The combination of the two is what makes it work for me, because I like variety. I usually handle all the technically exciting cases in the form of tickets. On the other hand, I often get an even more authentic impression of our customers on the phone – a call is much more personal and direct. ☎️

You are the «Tech Lead» in your team – can you briefly explain what that means?
Our team has completely reorganized itself in the last 12 months. We want to offer technically competent support that helps both our customers and our engineering teams and is fun at the same time. To this end, I develop new processes with my team and the engineers, organize the exchange of knowledge and lead the sprints in which we organize our project work alongside our day-to-day business. 

What does a typical day in your team look like?
There's no such thing as a typical day – but I'll give it a try, anyways: we start our work in a matter that we're ready to answer the first calls by 9 a.m. We carry out an initial triage of the tickets received and use all communication channels to gain an initial insight into the situation. We then meet for a stand-up to plan the day and also take part in the stand-ups of the engineering teams. We then join forces to tackle the tickets and occasionally receive calls.

And that was only the morning?
Yes, exactly. It's usually quieter in the afternoon, so depending on the day, at least one person still looks after the phone and the inbox. The other team members focus on projects to improve the quality of support, work on our documentations or take time with the engineers to deal with more complex queries. We also meet several times a week for various training sessions on technical topics. At 6 p.m., we go home or – thanks to the employer's flexible home office options – we shut down our laptops. 💻

What makes your team special?
We all like to learn from and with each other, prefer to help our customers as a team and puzzle over technical issues together with a lot of curiosity. Then again, that's what Nine as a company is all about for me – everyone shares their knowledge and the joy of learning. We want to progress together and achieve something. We don't really have a «mission impossible» because we always go the extra mile for our customers.

Thank you very much, Sophie, for the interesting interview.
You're very welcome. 😉

Our Customer Service Desk currently consists of four employees who are the first point of contact for problems, questions or other matters. Our customers greatly appreciate the opportunity for personal contact, the fast response times and the competent information, as we are proud and grateful to see, hear and read from the consistently positive feedback.

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