The most recent addition to the nine crew is Demian Thoma

nine Team Oct 6, 2017
The most recent addition to the nine crew is Demian Thoma

The nine engineering team has been reinforced: Demian Thoma starts today as a software engineer at nine on a part-time basis.

Demian very successfully completed his apprenticeship as a Computer Scientist, specializing in systems engineering with a professional maturity certificate, four years ago. He has been studying Computer Science at the Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences since 2015, focusing on software engineering, and will continue to do so on a part-time basis alongside his career. Thanks to his (Linux) system engineering experience with a web hoster, he is already familiar with many of our everyday challenges. He has also gathered initial software engineering experience and can thus ideally combine the two areas of expertise to the benefit of DevOps.

Demian’s “Goetti” David Dieulivol will introduce him to the service-oriented infrastructure and Ruby on Rails during the first weeks. Demian will then be supporting his colleagues with the planning, development and documentation of internal (web) applications.

We welcome Demian on board and wish him a successful start at nine!

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