Let us manage your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

So you can focus on your core business.


You need to accelerate your time to market? You want to keep your data safely in Switzerland but still profit from the global scalability of Google Cloud? We know that managing a cluster and everything that comes with it can be complex and time-consuming. So let us use our expertise to do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on your core business.

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How Nine Enables You to Focus On Your Core business

Nine managed Kubernetes is helping you concentrate on value creation

We support you

Our highly skilled and experienced Kubernetes experts gladly help you and
enable you to use Kubernetes to get the best out of app development

No Ops, just deploy

We continuously improve the operational efficiency and reliability of your cluster and make sure that the resources are fully available to you. 


All your data is located safely in Switzerland and can be restored at any time, but you still have the option to scale globally thanks to the global Google infrastructure.

Profit from our experience

Setting up a cluster is the easy part. But what about regular back-ups?
Storage handling? Integrating external services? Let us take it off your shoulders.

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Nine Managed GKE
What we offer on Top of Google's solution

What is in the the nine GKE offer? Here are the main features that you get with Nine managed GKE

What does a nine managed Kubernetes product look like?


Your Nine Managed GKE Cluster, starting from CHF 890.00*

- 3 Nodes (at 7.5 GB RAM each)

- 150 GB Persistent Data Storage
- 30 GB CloudSQL Database

(*Management nodes, storage node and backup-space and our service fee are included in the above mentioned price)

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View GKE Offering from nine (pdf)

Questions and Answers about Nine Managed GKE

What is Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)?

Google Kubernetes Engine provides a managed environment where you deploy,  manage, and scale your containerized applications on the Google infrastructure. The environment consists of multiple machines (specifically, Google Compute Engine instances) grouped together to form a cluster.

I have a problem with my Kubernetes Project, who can help?

In case of technical problems, nine provides excellent technical support at times specified in the product-/SLA-details, supporting Customers with any issue regarding the availability and functionality of the cluster itself.  Included in our basic offer is office hour support and office hour break fix, 24/7-monitoring, and incident handling times at best effort. Optionally you can choose from two different SLAs to meet your requirements on reaction times and availability.

What is Nine Managed GKE?

Nine managed GKE is our managed service product that lets your containers running in a save and highly scalable cluster. Nine provides additional extra features on top of Google Kubernetes and takes over running and updating the cluster (doing back-ups, taking care of storage, adding external services, monitoring, replicate environments etc.) for you in order to enable you to concentrate entirely on the application development and orchestrating your container on the platform.

What can I use Nine Managed GKE for?

If you have an app that is split up in microservices or want to get there, you can accelerate your development and update process by running these microservices in separate containers on a cluster. Nine takes away the pain of running and maintaining the cluster, while you concentrate on development and managing the containers.

What types of SLAs do you offer?

Nine Managed GKE SLA50

  • 24/7 Incident Response
  • 24/7 Break Fix
  • 4 Hours Reaction Time
  • 99.5 % Availability

CHF 557/month


Nine Managed GKE SLA90

  • 24/7 Technical Support:
    get directly connected with our
    experts in the engineering team.
  • 24/7 Incident Response
  • 24/7 Break Fix
  • 1 Hour Reaction Time
  • 99.9 % Availability

CHF 1400/month

One time fees may apply, please contact us for details.

Can’t I  manage the Google Kubernetes Cloud myself?

Depending on your internal IT set-up, you could do it. But why make your life harder and bind resources in areas where you don’t create any business value? You have to ask yourself the following questions: Do we know which services we need? Are we able to do back-ups ourselves? Are we able to replicate environments? Do we know how to build CI/CD pipelines ourselves? We know from our experience, that those things can really prevent you from creating the needed business value since these tasks are very complex and time consuming. Instead, profit from our experience.

Do I need a Google Cloud Platform account to be able to use Nine Managed GKE?

With nine Managed GKE you do not need  your own account on the Google Cloud Platform.
We take care of everything for you.

How does nine back up my data?

Nine implements automated backups of the volume data of the Customer's cluster, allowing for fast and automated restoration of data as needed.

How many nodes do I have to order?

The minimum cluster size is 6 nodes. 3x customer and 3x nine nodes.  Our nodes do not scale linearly with the customer nodes, since these are only increased if more power is needed on our side. Nine will help you to choose just the right size for the nodes, suiting your individual demand.

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