Looking Back on Our Latest Google Cloud Meet-Up

Looking Back on Our Latest Google Cloud Meet-Up

For the second time, our cafeteria was host to the GCP meet-up. Just like the first event of its kind, our second gathering that Tuesday evening was a well-received success, featuring two exciting demonstrations on the topic of Google Kubernetes as well as some lively networking over a yummy slice of pizza and a cold bottle of beer. Plans for the next meet-up are already in the works.

Putting the Spotlight on Different Aspects of Google Kubernetes

In addition to the networking, our emphasis is on the talks: we want to share new, inspiring perspectives with our guests and convey knowledge in a compact form. Everyone should leave the meeting with the feeling that they have learned something new! 

We think our speakers did a great job accomplishing this. First up were Cynthia Lopes do Sacramento and Balazs Pinter from Google. By showcasing the Google Kubernetes Monitoring capabilities they showed us how well the different support departments work together and by what means they were able to resolve complex support cases. Following this, our very own platform engineer Cyrill Troxler captivated the assembled by showing us his step by step path (including detours) to developing a GKE billing dashboard. On this occasion, we would like to once again thank our speakers for presenting!


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The GCP Meet-Up Shall Continue to Grow: New Members and Speakers Are Very Welcome

We are thrilled with the vibe and the energy generated by the exchange between the presenters and participants. If you would like to stay up to date, definitely join the meet-up group, where we also welcome active participation in between events. We also very much appreciate suggestions for topics and possible speakers, by either meet-up-message, by using the contact form on our website, or via email to one of your contacts here at nine. We would like to keep things exciting. We are already planning the activities for the next event. We will be very happy to see both old and new faces!


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