GKE news: Billing Dashboard I Custom-Reports I New Start Page

Cyrill Troxler Oct 23, 2019
GKE news: Billing Dashboard I Custom-Reports I New Start Page


We are constantly improving and developing our Nine Managed GKE according to your needs -  this means that we are adding new features on a regular basis. Keep up with the latest news!

#1: Our new start page: runway.ninegcp.ch

In order to provide you with a better overview, all links and credentials are now available to our customers on the new runway page. It contains general information about the GKE cluster, links and further information about all the services that are part of Nine Managed GKE.


nine-managed-gke-startpageOverview of your cluster and services on nine Managed Google Kubernetes


#2: Google Cloud Billing Dashboard for Grafana

Ever wondered about your current costs of your project? In Grafana, you can find a new dashboard with billing information regarding your GCP project. The dashboard offers various graphs with different cost breakdowns according to your needs.  

Google-gloud-billing-dashboardAlways stay on top of your costs with our billing dashboard


#3: Custom Grafana Dashboards

Also in Grafana, you are now able to create your own dashboards and alerts from the existing data sources (Prometheus). 



grafana-custom-dashboard-detail-1A first impression of our custom dashboard

We in the platform team are already working on our next ideas. Stay tuned for further  updates. 


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