#CloudForSwitzerland - A Short Overview of Google’s Region Celebration

#CloudForSwitzerland - A Short Overview of Google’s Region Celebration

As expected, there was huge interest in the launch event for Google’s Swiss cloud region. Of course we were right there and took part in the Region Celebration, which was fully booked, and celebrated with Google when the switch was symbolically turned to boot up the data center. In this blog entry, you’ll find our review detailing the impressions the event left us with.

The Google Event from Nine’s Perspective

“We are officially open.” Shortly after the starting signal, the first cluster was booted up symbolically within seconds.
(Copyright Video: Nine Internet Solutions)

At the keynote event, several of Google’s clients and partners shared their experience and future prospects with the audience. The focus was squarely on regulated businesses such as banking and healthcare where Google’s entry into the market is seen as bringing huge opportunities, particularly when it comes to data protection, security, big data and machine learning. The exciting talks on the technical track as well as the business track were largely about the implementation of different applications such as Kubernetes, about best practices, and security — each talk was supported by real-life hands-on sessions and existing clients’ live cases. Those who did not want to join a talk could experiment in one of the many labs or exchange knowledge with others. We think the event was rather successful.

Prime Insights about Google Cloud Switzerland 

As managed container and cloud specialists, we were particularly interested in Google’s strategy and the technical capabilities of what they offer. Here are the primary conclusions we took away from the talks we went to:

  • Google and Switzerland have enjoyed a special relationship for the past 15 years. Its strategic importance has been clarified again through this commitment

  • Kubernetes and data analytics (big data, machine learning, etc.) seem to be the big technological issues

  • As opposed to the rest of the pack, Google is counting on on-premise solutions

  • The diverse case studies and presentations showed — unsurprisingly — that implementing solutions is often a complex task and thus experts in this field are much sought after

  • Taking the cultural aspect into account and having comprehensive monitoring is essential for moving to cloud solutions within your company


We are very pleased that Google has entered the Swiss cloud market, and particularly with the great interest in Kubernetes which is an issue of great importance to us. We can hardly wait to see what the future with Google holds for us.


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