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To remain competitive in today's online business environment, your company needs to be agile -- and the way to achieve maximum agility is by adopting DevOps. Maintaining a constant state of software development, testing and integration enables you to bring new services and features to market more quickly and deliver the great experiences that your customers expect.

The ongoing importance of DevOps gives rise to the need of Managed Services

Our end-to-end DevOps lifecycle management service provides a complete DevOps tool chain that can serve your company during software development, testing, deployment and monitoring.

Adopting our DevOps processes keeps your business agile by removing the need to build and test monolithic applications before releasing them to your customers. You'll add new features and eliminate bugs more quickly -- and you'll reduce your development expenses.

What nine DevOps services include



Not sure how your company's existing products will handle the transition to the cloud?

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We'll begin with a DevOps readiness assessment. The DevOps readiness assessment will evaluate your company's digital offerings and current IT infrastructure. During this phase, we'll also determine whether your developers, testers and support personnel require additional DevOps training.



Our managed DevOps services include cloud-based hosting for the entire DevOps tool chain including your customer-facing application.

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The services also comprise any dependent services running on a SaaS architecture, the PaaS environment hosting your custom code and all of the tools necessary for continued development, testing and integration.



When it's time to migrate your services to the cloud, our DevOps know how will help to make the transition easier.

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We can often migrate our clients' existing code directly to a cloud-based PaaS environment. When that isn't possible, we can replace your software's existing functionality using off-the-shelf building blocks designed to run in SaaS environments. During the transition, we'll conduct DevOps training sessions with your organization's developers and testers to ensure that they know how to build and manage a solution utilizing SaaS microservices.



With our DevOps know how, we can manage your company's application and underlying cloud dependencies throughout the DevOps lifecycle. 

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While we ensure the stability and availability of your application and development tools, your in-house developers can focus on what they do best: delivering great new features to your customers.

Flexible DevOps LifeCycle Management

Our modular hosting solution adapts easily to your company's needs throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Because we manage both the cloud infrastructure and the services, we can construct a solution that allows your company to utilize DevOps processes for any internal or customer-facing application. Using a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) architecture, we can utilize your company's existing code and migrate a current application to the cloud. Alternatively, we can serve as consultants during the process of converting a monolithic application to a microservice-based application running on a PaaS architecture.

Our application hosting services scale to meet any level of customer demand and include 24-hour monitoring and support. Your application will have access to unlimited bandwidth and computing power when customer demand spikes - and you'll only pay for the resources that your application utilizes.

At nine we offer full transparency

At Nine, we provide comprehensive managed DevOps services

  • We provide consulting, hosting and ongoing support services at a predictable cost and without unexpected surprises. 
  • With standard web hosting, you'll pay regular charges even if no one uses your application.
  • With our cloud-based hosting, you'll pay only for the actual CPU time that your application requires.

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